Considering Long Term Care

Facing the realities of chronic illness and/ or limitations in the activities of daily living can be a difficult and overwhelming process.

Considering long term care:
Making the decision to place a family member in a facility is never easy. A decision like this is one the family should make together with the help of others such as doctors, therapists, and religious/ spiritual leaders. Please note that it is essential for your loved one to be as much a part of the decision making process as possible.

 Indications that your loved one needs assistance:
Other than serious injury/ illness requiring 24hr. nursing care -
* Not paying bills on time or not at all
* Not recognizing the need for household repairs/ maintenance
* Increase in driving violations, getting lost
* Not preparing meals, missing meals
* Forgetting to take medications, incorrect medications or dosage
* Not making sound decisions

At SJNH we understand how essential a nurturing environment is to helping each individual retain their maximum level of independence. Our staff is committed to understanding your loved one's needs, no matter how great or small. With your support and recommendations from the physician's, we will provide a comprehensive plan of care that meets the needs of your loved one.